East of Salalah

1 Day

Historic sites and beautiful nature in one trip.

  1. Visit the Taqa castle where you can inspect the traditional setup of governor´s residence with original furnishings.
  2. Enjoy a short walk in Darbat valley which boasts greenery all year round, dip your feet in azure waters of Darbat river and take a snapshot with camels or make a panoramic photo of Darbat´s huge escarpment with seasonal waterfalls.
  3. In Samharam historic site (UNESCO) you will examine the ruins of ancient port city with heavy fortifications. From the ruins you will view the lagoon of Khor Rori which is an estuary of Darbat river abundant in bird species.


Takamul Travel prepared for you a tour that lets you discover the wonders of Dhofar nature and the rich ancient heritage of the frankincense land. First, you will visit a castle in Taqah Village where you can admire the traditional furnishings and setup of the governor´s residence. Then you will drive to Wadi Darbat where you will view the spectacular escarpment with seasonal waterfalls. In the valley itself, you will be astonished by lush green vegetation and azure waters of Darbat river teeming with small fish. You can take photos of camel herds which you can see grazing around the river flow. Then you will descend to the coast where ruins of a UNESCO site Samharam are situated above the large lagoon of Khor Rori. In the museum, you can discover more about the glorious past of this port city and its trade with frankincense. In the lagoon below you can spot flocks of flamingoes, herons, spoonbills, and other waders.


  • Darbat Valley, waterfalls, rock formations, camel herds
  • Taqah castle
  • Samharam Archeological site and Khor Rori Lagoon


Duration: 4 hours

Taqah Castle visit
Darbat valley walk
Samharam ruins and Khor Rori lagoon



  • driver-guide, entry fees, water, soft drinks


  • optional lunch, gratuities

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East of Salalah
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/ 4 adults or more
From $30.00
/ Child
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/ 1 Adult
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/ 2 Adults
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/ 3 adults

Trip info

  • minibus or saloon car
  • 1 - 11
  • 4 hours
  • English, česky, العربية
  • from 65 EUR, 25 OMR