Salalah City tour - 1 Day


We offer You the most comprehensive city tour itinerary on the market. The tour includes a visit to all major monuments in Salalah and adds exploration of interesting natural sites as well. You will start the trip with a short stop at the exterior of Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Then you will take a walk in the heart of Salalah´s vast coconut and banana plantations where you can see the irrigation system and taste all kinds of local fruit. In the old Haffa quarter, you will take in the atmosphere of the traditional frankincense market. Next, you will proceed to the Museum of The Frankincense Land situated in the area of the medieval port of al Baleed. Our specialized tour guide will explain to you the details in the History Hall and Maritime Hall of the museum. You will end the tour by exploring the ecosystem of the Dahariz lagoon on the edge of the city where you can spot flocks of flamingoes, herons, and other waders.


  • Sultan Qaboos Mosque - photostop from exterior
  • Gold market
  • Palace al Husn and gardens (exterior)
  • Al Haffa frankincense market
  • Salalah banana and coconut plantations, irrigation channels
  • Coconut drink at fruit stalls
  • Baleed Archaelogical park and Musem of the Frankincense Land
  • Dahareez lagoon


Day 1
Salalah City Tour

Duration 5 hours

Sultan Qaboos Mosque – photo stop
Gold market
Palace al-Husn, main gate, and gardens – photo stop
al-Haffa Frankincense Market
Al-Baleed archeological park (UNESCO World Heritage site) and Museum of The Frankincense Land
Coconut and banana plantations, drink at fruit seller stalls
Dahareez lagoon


Included in the price

  • driver-guide, entrance fees, water, soft drinks, complimentary drink at fruit stalls


  • optional lunch, gratuities
What are the guidelines for entering the mosque?

It is recommended to dress modestly. Women are asked to cover their heads and neck, wear long sleeves and ankle-length trousers or skirts. Men should wear long trousers as well. You will have to leave the shoes outside the mosque. Taking pictures inside the mosque is allowed. Currently, the mosque is closed for visitors.

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Salalah City tour
From $55.00
per 4 adults or more
From $10.00
per Child
From $135.00
per 1 Adult
From $80.00
per 2 Adults
From $70.00
per 3 adults

Trip info

  • minibus or saloon car
  • 5 hours
  • 1-12
  • English, čeština, العربية, slovak
  • from 50 EUR, 20 OMR