Salalah city and East tour

1 Day


Do you want to discover the landmarks of Salalah and natural wonders of the countryside in one trip on your stop with a cruise or when you have limited time? – then Takamul Travel has the right trip for you! We start with the visit to the exterior area of Sultan Qaboos Mosque. You will then proceed to Palace al Husn for a photostop at the grand gate and unique clocktower. Then you will visit the traditional al-Haffa market where you can buy the best quality frankincense, perfumes and shawls. The tour will then take you to the vast Salalah´s plantations of coconut and bananas where you can also explore the irrigation system. Then you will leave the city to discover the Ayn Razat spring sourrounded by gardens and rock formations. In Darbat valley you can admire the seasonal waterfall and cascades, limestone rock formations as well as camel herds grazing in the lush vegetation.


  • Frankincense market - Al-Haffa
  • Coconut and banana plantations
  • Palace al-Husn
  • Ayn Razat spring and gardens
  • Darbat valley - waterfalls, cascades, rock formations and camel herds


Day 1 :

Sultan Qaboos Mosque - exterior, photostop
Palace al-Husn - the main gate
Al-Haffa frankincense market
Salalah´s coconut and banana plantations
Coconut drink at fruit stalls
Ayn Razat spring and gardens
Darbat Valley with waterfalls, walk around the river, watching camel and cow herds



  • Entry fees, tour guide, water and softdrinks, coconut drink at fruit stalls


  • optional lunch, gratuities

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Salalah city and East tour
From $80.00
/ 4 adults or more
From $40.00
/ Child
From $190.00
/ 1 Adult
From $110.00
/ 2 Adults
From $95.00
/ 3 adults
  • Saloon car, 4WD, minibus
  • 1-12
  • 6 hours
  • English, Arabic, Czech, Slovak
  • from 75 EUR, 30 OMR