Sunset in the desert

1 Day


Takamul Travel brings to you the most affordable, enjoyable, and adventurous private tour to the Empty Quarter desert on the market. Explore the vastness of the desert areas with different shapes of dunes. Experience the adrenalin ride on the dunes with our expert drivers who will get the best performance out of the terrain cars. Then you will climb the dunes yourself dipping your feet in the moving sands. Enjoy the breathtaking views on the sea of sand from the dunes´ peaks while the sun slowly moves to the horizon. Before the sunset, you can take the best pictures of the desert landscape with the sun setting over the dunes. On the way to the desert, you will visit Wadi Dawka, a valley where thousands of precious Frankincense trees grow and give the valued harvest of frankincense drops. From there you will continue on the Frankincense route to the lost city of Ubar whose ruins stand witness to the glorious past when the city served as a center for the incense trade.


  • Empty Quarter sand dunes
  • Ubar - the lost city in the desert
  • Wadi Dawkah - Frankincense trees sanctuary (UNESCO)
  • dune bashing in 4WD
  • sunset on the dunes


Duration: 8 hours

Wadi Dawka UNESCO - frankincense trees sanctuary

Shisr - Ubar UNESCO - ruins of a medieval city on the Frankincense trade route

Rub al-Khali desert, adventurous ride in the sand dunes.

Watching the sunset from the top of the dunes.

Return to hotel for dinner.



  • off-road vehicle, driver-guide, entrance fees, water and soft drinks, coffee, refreshments

Cost excludes

  • optional lunch, entrance fees to Ubar Archaeological Site, gratuities


What is the recommended footwear for the trip?

The best way to enjoy the movement in the sand is to be barefoot. If the sand is too hot, simple flip-flops will help.

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Sunset in the desert
From $110.00
/ 4 adults or more
From $55.00
/ Child
From $280.00
/ 1 Adult
From $155.00
/ 2 Adults
From $130.00
/ 3 adults

Trip info

  • 4x4 off-road
  • 8 hours
  • 1-4 in one car
  • English, čeština, العربية, Slovak
  • from 100 EUR, 40 OMR