Salalah city tour and the West Coast

1 Day


Do you want to discover the landmarks of Salalah and the natural wonders of the countryside in one trip on your stop with a cruise or when you have limited time? Then Takamul Travel has the right trip for you. Start with the visit to Salalah´s landmarks the Great Mosque and Palace al-Husn. You will also explore the traditional al-Haffa market – the best place to buy frankincense, perfumes, and shawls. Then enjoy coconut drink in Salalah´s plantations and inspect the irrigation systems. Leave the city to discover the Jarzeez spring surrounded by rock formations and caves. Next, drive up to the Ittine heights for panoramic views of Salalah and Jarzeez valley. After the descent from the mountains, you reach the spectacular Mughsail Beach. On its one end lies a serene lagoon frequented by flamingos. On the other, the cliffs of Qamar mountains loom out on the horizon. Under the imposing Marneef cave you will have the opportunity to wonder at water fountains gushing from the blowholes in the cliffs.


  • Sultan Qaboos Mosque - photostop
  • Palace al-Husn and gardens
  • Al Haffa - frankincense market
  • Coconut and banana plantations, irrigation channels
  • Ayn Jarzeez spring, travertine rock formations
  • Ittine heights - view on Salalah
  • Mughsail beach , Marneef cave and blowholes


Day 1 :

Duration 7 hours
Sultan Qaboos Mosque - photo stop
Al Hosn Palace and gardens - photo stop
Al Haffa frankincense market
Salalah´s coconut and banana plantations
Ayn Garziz spring and rock formations
Ittine Heights - view of Salalah, caves, and rock formations
Mughsail Beach
Marneef Cave and blowholes



  • driver-guide, water, soft drinks, coconut drink and fruit tasting


  • optional lunch, gratuities

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Salalah city tour and the West Coast
From $80.00
/ 4 adults or more
From $40.00
/ Child
From $190.00
/ 1 Adult
From $110.00
/ 2 Adults
From $95.00
/ 3 adults

Trip info

  • saloon car, 4WD, minibus
  • 1-12
  • 7 hours
  • English, Arabic, Czech, and Slovak
  • from 75 EUR, 30 OMR