Mountain Safari

1 Day


On this private trip by Takamul Travel you will explore the most fascinating natural sites in the Dhofar mountains. You will be astonished by the green nature of Wadi Darbat where you can see cascades, a huge waterfall, and also camel herds crossing the azure waters of the Darbat river. Then you will proceed higher to the Jabal Qara mountains to reach the impressive Tawi Attair (Well of Birds) sinkhole. Over the rim of the abyss, you can look down to the depth of 211 meters. The next stop on the route will be the huge canyon-like sinkhole Tayq which is one of the largest sinkholes in the world. Afterward, you will arrive at the stunning viewpoint on the edge of the Samhan mountains escarpment. From the elevation of 1340m, you will have the opportunity to view the vast Dhofar plain and the sea coast. The last stop will take you to the picturesque Hinae valley where you can admire the forest of giant baobab trees.


  • Darbat Valley - waterfalls, rock formations, herds of camels
  • Tawi Attair sinkhole
  • Taiq sinkhole
  • Jebel Samhan mountain panorama
  • Baobab trees in Wadi Hinae


Duration: 6 hours

Darbat valley - waterfall, cascades, azure waters of Darbat river teeming with fish and herds of camels

Tawi Atair sinkhole (Well of Birds) - 211m deep abyss in Dhofar mountains.

Tayq Canyon - one of the largest sinkholes in the world.

Jebel Samhan panorama - look down to the coastal plain from the height of 1340 m

Wadi Hinae - a unique place on the Arabian peninsula where you can see the huge baobab trees growing.


Included in the price

  • driver-guide, water and soft drinks


  • optional lunch, gratuities

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Mountain Safari
From $80.00
/ 4 adults or more
From $40.00
/ Child
From $190.00
/ 1 Adult
From $110.00
/ 2 Adults
From $95.00
/ 3 adults
  • off-road vehicle or saloon car
  • 6 hours
  • 1 - 11
  • English, čeština, العربية, Slovak
  • from 75 EUR, 30 OMR