Unique trips

Would you like to explore more and visit places and natural landscapes which are not in the itineraries of travel agents in Salalah? Then join one of the unique tours designed for You by Takamul Travel experts. You will experience the full comfort and benefits of private tour for less than is the usual price of group excursion with your travel agent.

Shaat cliff on the road from Salalah to Yemen. 800m high rock formation offers breathtaking views.
EUR 110.00
Giant baobab tree in baobab forest near Salalah.
EUR 65.00

Baobab Trek

1 Day - 0 Nights
Central Mosque in Salalah City, Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Salalah. Salalah night tour
EUR 49.00
Riding camels without saddle is a favourite entertainment for Omani tribesmen. Tour from Salalah. Day with camel herders.
EUR 94.00